October 25th, photo of the day: Birds of a Feather

I stopped by pigeon paradise today, on my way to work.

There were close to thirty of these guys hanging around between two street lights and the ground.

I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to compose them when I first got there, so I ended up with several variations. After I’d been there for a few minutes, the birds began to get a bit agitated -even though they were far above me- and started to take off, one by one.

I cropped this one and converted it to black and white with a touch of color.

Oct 24th, photo of the day: Oh, that!

Although I have been trying to fulfill a 365 project for the past 10 months or so already, I still find myself occasionally lacking a share-able photo by the end of the day.

And since my desktop is starting to look like I haven’t deleted or moved a folder in three five months (oh, wait…I haven’t) I decided it would be a good day to delve into an ‘old’ folder and see what I may have overlooked.

I am, as I write this, about to pick a folder at random and offer you the best photo of the lot.

Here we go…….

(1 hour later)

Folder: Bellevue Park, June 15th (Yes, I still have photos not looked at from mid-June)

These are a few of my favorites from the day.

October 23rd, photo of the day: The Unknown

I found this in my inbox yesterday morning, and I really want to give it a try: How to Create a Ghostly Portrait. How fun would that be?

I was also perusing this article: Give Yourself an Honest Portfolio Review, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m solidly between stages Three and Four. I think my main hurdle is post-processing. I have been playing around in PSE for about 2 years now, but I’m not as comfortable doing things with it as I would like. Perhaps it’s time to take a class….

That being said, I will probably continue to take macro photos of flowers. They are a beautiful, usually readily available, and I love photographing them in unique ways (or at least I try to).  I would like to see if I can get past stage three, and even stage four to get on with stage five. I understand that this means learning loads more, and getting comfortable photographing objects and in ways I’ve never tried before.

October 19th, photo of the day: Leaf on a Log

This was fun.

I was playing around with long exposure times and moving water today when I saw a bit of highly photogenic leaf placement, on a rock, in the middle of the stream. I wanted to take its photo, from above, but I was without my regular tripod. All I had was my Joby Gorillapod. And a little ingenuity….

Here is the resultant photo:

And I HAD to share a pull back with you too! I’m pretty proud of myself, using what I had around me. Unfortunately what I didn’t have was my point-and-shoot, so I had to take my camera off the tripod to take a photo of the set up. Hence the missing camera:

I used the bendy legs of the grillapod to connect a few nearby sticks together, re-creating what the original caveman’s tripod may have looked like! ;)

And a bonus shot: