August 6th, photo of the day: more oil and water

I’m finally going through some of my older photos, and I came across some from the oil and water experimental day.

I posted one photo awhile ago, you can see it here: June 7th.

And here is another one I took a fancy to today.

Isn’t it fun how your own photos can start to look new again if you wait long enough to forget what you had? haha maybe it’s just me…



Photo of the Day, March 22nd: Kitchen Sink

At first I was looking for interesting splash patterns, but I caught one drop just as it hit the sink bottom, and I realized I had something much more interesting here!

This is entry for photo friday: fleeting

My favorite

I added some contrast to this photo in Photoshop, and converted it to black and white. I like the grittiness of it.

Here are a couple others:

I wish this was a little crisper

one of those pattern photos I was telling you about

Maybe too much grittiness?