August 25th, Day 237: Clouds

There was some interesting cloud action going on today. Of course I didn’t have my “real” camera with me at all today (yes, I’m dumb), and don’t yet possess one of the better camera phones on the market.

Still, I had to at least try to capture the\is coolness in the sky.

aug 25 wm

And I’m pretty impressed with how well this photo from my $20 camera turned out. Thanks Kyocera!

August 6th, Day 218: Cloud Puffs

Not a lot going on today. Did notice some interesting clouds while out at the farm chasing the dog around.

Was the sun trying to blow cloud rings?

This windmill is along the main road in Edgewood, and with the sun going down behind it I made a quick detour on the way home to take a photo. I was a little late though, as the sun had gone down considerably from the moment I noticed the potential for a photo and actually getting to a good spot to take it.


June 9th, photo of the day: simple

Just a simple one for you today.

We have power lines – huge power lines – all around our apartment complex and neighborhood. Sometimes we can hear them humming, which is a bit creepy. I wonder if all that energy is affecting us in some way, we do live pretty much right below them, after all.

I love what they add to a photo though. Sometimes a photo full of just clouds doesn’t look too interesting, but adding some leading lines and bam! you have a more enjoyable composition.