June 2nd, Day 153: You Take What You Can Get

Especially when it come to taking photos of this guy.

He will look in every direction, EXCEPT at me. Occasionally, I can get him to glance over, but only by producing a sound that he has never heard before.

I’m running out of weird sounds.

june 2 wm

Sometimes his gazing-into-the-distance works.

june 2 3 wm

Other times not so much…

june 2 2 wm

june 2 4 wm


june 2 6 wm


Sometimes I need a break, and today is came in the form of a honey suckle bush. I have never noticed a honeysuckle before it was in full bloom, and so I had been wondering what exactly this interesting bush would become. Today my question was answered, finally, when I found a bunch of these!

june 2 5 wm

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May 10th, Day 130: Toby Loves the Farm

I think this dog was meant to be a farm dog. He LOVES going up the community garden, and as soon as I turn down the road that it’s on, he KNOWS. He starts to get excited, bouncing around the backseat and whining (not my favorite part).

may 10 2 wm

When we get there, he jumps out of the car and commences his immediate sniffing.  Of everything.

So far, we have usually been up there alone. A few times there have been other people, once a couple little kids, and once another dog. Toby loves everybody, and he had a great time playing with Daisy the Golden Retriever, as well as exploring every inch of the farm with the kiddos.When it’s just us, he wanted around and explores on his own. He knows to stay inside the gate, and once in while comes and checks back in with me.

may 10 1 wm

may 10 3 wm

Oh, and he likes to eat the grass there too. It’s his fav.

April 29th, Day 119: Penrose State Park

I had so many from today it seemed to make more sense to put it in gallery form. Just click on any of the following and it will pull up the larger size for your viewing pleasure.

April 4th, Day 94: My crazy dog and bleeding hearts

Toby and I took a stroll through Milton park today.

One of the fields is getting re-seeded, and so there is a large pile of dirt next to the field in question. Judging by the smell, it was apparently made up primarily of steer manure.

As we got closer, and then as I walked past this pile, Toby lagged behind me and seemed to trip as he walked over the pile. I turned to see how he could have possibly tripped, and saw this:

april 4 2 wm

And this:

april 4 3 wm

My dog was rolling around in a pile of cow poop, like a cat with catnip. Now I know his kryptonite.

And this lovely little cluster was photographed at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum.

april 4 wm