May 22nd, Day 142: Bright Greens and an Almost Full Moon

All this rain we’ve been having lately has made everything around here a brand new shade of bright green.

I had to get my wide angle out this afternoon.

may 22 green 2 wm

may 22 green wm

And by the time I got home the clouds had mostly cleared, letting the moon shine brightly through.

may 22 moon wm

I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in color or black and white. What do you think?

may 22 moon bw wm

May 7th, Day 127: More of Me Being a Creeper

Stopped by Lake Wilderness before going to work this afternoon.

Beautiful day, lots of people were already out, enjoying the day. Many of them were fishing, including one couple who were already out on the lake in their boat.

They looked so peaceful out there on the calm waters that they became my subject for today’s photo.

I’m pretty sure the man knew I was there, and probably thought I was a weird creeper in the bushes.

may 7 3 wm

I like how the color reflected in the water

may 7 4 wm

may 7 edit wm

March 3rd, Day 62: Sunshine!

I woke to sunshine this morning! It was a pleasant change from all the gray gloom we’ve been having. I grabbed my Easter supplies, which I had purchased and had “on deck” for just a morning, and headed outside to take some photos in the grass.

I definitely want to work with these subjects more, on my next sunny opportunity, here’s what we have so far.

march 3 1 wm

march 3 2 wm march 3 3 wm

march 3 6 wm

march 3 5 wm

(He’s watching you…)

February 15th, Day 46: A few from the garden

We had some sunshine today, and though Toby (the dog) and I didn’t get out as much as we probably should have, we did venture into the yard this afternoon (as well as the dog park, I’m not a terrible dog owner yet).

feb 15 2 wm

I like how the sun was backlighting the veins of this seedpod

feb 15 wm

This small rose is either a hanger-on from last fall or an early bird..either way, I’m happy he’s here!

feb 15 3 wm

July 7th, photo of the day: Mysterious May Creek Park

I went looking for a park noted as May Creek Park on Google maps.

What I found was a beautiful little road, hidden in the middle of town, but a world of its own. I didn’t want to leave.


Reaching up

See? My newest friend likes me :)

May Creek

The forest for the trees

I looked it up again online when I got home, and it doesn’t seem to have a parking area or specific access/entry point like I was expecting to find. I guess I found the park, but who knows. Maybe if I went back the road I drove down wouldn’t even be there anymore. :)


June 29th, photo of the day: You Bug Me!

No, not you. Not anything, actually. I’ve just been an insect/bug paparazzi the last few days. Maybe it has something to do with spending time in actual YARDS as opposed to my dark, man-made deck.

Bugs are fun.

Can you see the spider? ;)

Spiders are so weird up close. They have so many things that look like they could be eyes, and they always seem to be looking right at you.

The one thing I haven’t been able to photograph is snails. Not because they aren’t around, they are everywhere! But as soon as my mom sees one, it’s as good as smooshed already. A shattered shell with bits of goo sticking to it does not a photo make. ;)