February 3rd, Day 34: more fun with photoshop

It was quite grey and overcast all day today, ending with a bit of drizzly rain at the end.

I was highly unmotivated to take my camera out, but I forced myself to do just that during a mid-day dog walk down to the lake.

This is the original image:

blah wm

Adding just a little contrasting was an improvement:

blah improve wm

Then I was able to experiment with different techniques in PSE. This one is my favorite:

blah sepia

I tried variations of “carving” and sepia, as well as black and white. I like another with a bit of texturing, but this and that one are very similar.

Just playing around (a nearby, yet slightly different dimension, perhaps?) :

blah crazy

The only thing authentically this bright in this photo is the collection of kayaks and canoes standing by for warmer weather.

May 14th, photo of the day: Lake Sammamish State Park

Spend a day out at Lake Sammamish in the sunshine today. Water was cold to wade into, but refreshing!

Some of our fellow beach-goers

An army of picnic tables, all lined up and waiting to take on the summer

A pink flower on the side of the trail

I loved the rooftop flowers

A sweet nest (?) of caterpillars

The sun really took it out of me, I’ve been sitting here zoning out on this screen for hours. Gah!

the silhouette of a duck

Here it is, my 365 day photo of the day. I’m thinking in the future I will be requiring of myself only one photo, rather than the 365 challenge and the 30 day challenge that I am currently working on. It’s hard to be creative on a daily basis anyway, let alone come up with more than one cool shot everyday!

I chose this one because I like the contrast of the ducks on the reflection of the sun on the lake.

What do you think?

Poo Poo Point

Weird name, right? It’s origins are not what you think!

They used to log in the Tiger Mountain area, and ‘poo poo’ is the sound of the steam whistle they blew before starting to haul trees through the forest. I learned all about it at issaquahpress.com.

It was a beautiful day today, very spring-like! It was about 60 degrees when we started up the trail with me looking for something blue to photograph!

Near the top we got a great view of Mount Rainier, and from the point itself, we could see down into the valley where Lake Sammamish and the town of Issaquah sit, and beyond to Mt Baker!

View from the top



I found my blue subject at the very end, with this photo of lake Sammamish and the surrounding hills down in the valley. And the sky too, of course!


The harbor in winter is a quiet place

The Harbor

Happy February!

Isaac and I went up to the Gas Works Park in Seattle yesterday. I’ve wanted to go check it out since I first heard of it, but the weather wasn’t so nice until yesterday. It was a bit overcast, but it wasn’t raining, and we could see across the bay to downtown Seattle.

We walked along the shore and came to this little harbor just outside the park. I liked how the boats were all different colors, all lined up in a little row.

It would be neat to live on a house boat for a while…who’s with me?

“Because ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are made for
The mind could stretch much further
But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for”

-author unknown

My brain is still a little cloudy

It’s a good thing I’m unemployed. I have taken so many photos, I’m starting to realize why so many photographers decide to take on only a handful of clients each month. The back end stuff is a lot of work! Organizing, editing, cropping, ecetera.

Here are more of my photos from Green Lake and Magnuson parks. This was a fun day.

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January 27th – Clouds in my coffee

Jan 27 - clouds












I took so many photos yesterday!

The challenge of the day was clouds, and boy, did we find them in Green Lake! Isaac and I have been exploring nearby areas the past few days, checking out where we might want to move to and seeing what places are good for the out door activities we like.

We drove up to Green Lake yesterday. I love the park there. or, is it just considered a lake? Anyway, with 2.8 miles of path all the way around, I got plenty of photos of reflecting clouds. …And of ducks, dogs, and people – people who had no idea I was taking photos of them as they jogged/snacked/gossiped by me.

Then, we went over to Magnuson park, which is another very cool park, where we caught part of a rugby game between Central Washington University and BYU. To be honest, I had little idea of what was going on with that game, but it was a lot of fun to watch, and photograph. I got some interesting shots. Maybe I’ll add those in later after I play around with them a little.

I had a really hard time choosing a photo for today. But I’ve decided it needs to be narrowed down to one each day, I don’t like how my 4th day has so many photos on it. ..maybe I should change that too.

I’ve entered this photo in Click it Up a Notch‘s Photography Contest!

Check it out here:

Click It Up A Notch