May 14th, Day 134: Cresent Moon

The moon looked beautiful as I drove home from work this evening. You could see the faint outline of the whole thing, though only a sliver was bright.

may 14 wm

Are those stars or is my monitor dirty?

By the time I got out in the yard, the clouds/haze/fog/whatever it was had blurred the moon and hidden its outline.

But that’s okay.

I took several photos, incorporating the roof line of my building.

may 14  2 wm

This is a 20 second exposure, at f/25 and ISO 1600.


May 12th, Day 132: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

I worked over ten hours today, so that all the moms who wanted an Italian meal on their special day, could have one.

I got home, and realizing that I had not taken a photo yet,  (Horrors!) grabbed the camera as Toby and I headed out the door.

Toby was gracious enough to permit several long exposures to be taken during the aforementioned walk. He only pulled on the leash a little.  may 12 wm

may 12 spooky wm

April 28th, Day 118: Long Exposure of a Tree Trunk

Isaac and I went camping this “weekend” (ours, not yours!). We didn’t leave the house until 5:30ish on Sunday, because I had to work that day.

So, the sun was already on it’s way down when we finally got to our site and got everything all set up. It was cloudy, but hadn’t started raining yet (that came later, and in torrents!).

I looked up, and liking what I saw, sat down on a log to try and capture it.

april 28 wm

*No tripods were harmed in the making of this photo, though maybe if I wasn’t lazy, they should have been!

October 19th, photo of the day: Leaf on a Log

This was fun.

I was playing around with long exposure times and moving water today when I saw a bit of highly photogenic leaf placement, on a rock, in the middle of the stream. I wanted to take its photo, from above, but I was without my regular tripod. All I had was my Joby Gorillapod. And a little ingenuity….

Here is the resultant photo:

And I HAD to share a pull back with you too! I’m pretty proud of myself, using what I had around me. Unfortunately what I didn’t have was my point-and-shoot, so I had to take my camera off the tripod to take a photo of the set up. Hence the missing camera:

I used the bendy legs of the grillapod to connect a few nearby sticks together, re-creating what the original caveman’s tripod may have looked like! ;)

And a bonus shot:

Long Exposures

Whew!  Today is the last day to submit your long exposures to Nick and Shannon  (for those of you were participating in the most recent collaboration: Calling All Creatives)

Here are my submissions:

A waterfall in the Cougar Mt area

Seconds were in the double digits for this Seattle shot from Rizal park

Isaac walking towards me on a trail in Renton

And here are a few of the outtakes:

I almost like this one better than the one above…which do you prefer?

and a few light paintings, complex and simple:

paper lantern candle and lighter

My boyfriend’s name in lights

I think I need to find a more stable light source than this lighter. As you can see here it’s not a consistent stream of light

I’m excited to see what else other folks came up with for collaboration!

Thanks to Nick of Nick Exposed and Shannon from Seeing Spots Photography for challenging us!

Edited June 9th: Nick now has all the participant’s photos up! You can check them out here: Nick Exposed

May 26th, photo of the day: A Few More From Rizal’s Point of View

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! Well, anyway, it’s beautiful here in Western Washington!

I’m sitting here at my desk listening to the sounds of the neighborhood – children yelling, adults greeting each other, and dogs barking. We live right next to the “Residence Center” which houses one of the complex’s pools.

I went up to Rizal Park in Seattle last night to get some long exposure shots, and I wanted to share a few more with you.

So here we go!

We weren’t the only ones out there

Vertical view

The beautiful sunset

If Seattle suffered a nuclear meltdown, it might look something like this

I think this is my favorite

my favorite, subjected to a little pse changes.

May 25th, photo of the day: Long Exposure

Isaac and I just got home (10:30) from Rizal Park in Seattle.

Rizal Park is perfectly situated up on a hill overlooking the convergence of I-5 and I-90 with the Seattle skyscrapers behind.

I’ve been wanting to get up there to take the quintessential Seattle shot since I first heard of it, and today I finally did! I am working on two different challenges this week that have to do with long exposure times, which is why I was motivated to go this week in the first place, but I had to share one with you today anyway!

We arrived just as the sun was setting over the Olympic Mountain Range, making them look like they were on fire. (Which of course I took loads of photos of. Those to come tomorrow) Then we walked into the park a bit further to find the best shot to capture the city lights.

This is the last photo of the night, taken at f/13, for 30 seconds.

I’ll post more tomorrow, but tonight I’m going to bed! ;)