April 5th, Day 95: Perfectly Pink

All the cherry trees in the neighborhood have started blooming overnight.

And with the spring rain pounding behind them, we get a lot of pink-petaled sidewalks!

april 5 3 wm

april 5 1 wm

Complete with beautiful overhangs!

april 5 2 wm

Also, it’s Fine Art Friday again over at Laughter and Love Photography’s blog. Each month she collects submissions from fPOE members and posts them, here on her blog to show the world what we’re up to!

march 19 2 wm

March 26th, Day 85: Spring Blossoms

Spring is in the air~

march 26 wm


And another one from yesterday, a sweet little family who comes in to where I work when they are in the area (they live on the other side of the state) and ask for my section. Yesterday, one of the girls gave me a hand written book titled “The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” complete with illustrations!

march 25 3 wm

February 15th, Day 46: A few from the garden

We had some sunshine today, and though Toby (the dog) and I didn’t get out as much as we probably should have, we did venture into the yard this afternoon (as well as the dog park, I’m not a terrible dog owner yet).

feb 15 2 wm

I like how the sun was backlighting the veins of this seedpod

feb 15 wm

This small rose is either a hanger-on from last fall or an early bird..either way, I’m happy he’s here!

feb 15 3 wm

February 2nd, Day 33: C is for Cookie

I had my camera in the trunk of my car all day today, and when I pulled it out to take photos, my lens got all foggy. :/ That does not make me a happy girl, though I don’t want to not carry my camera with me just because it might get too cold for it. Do you have any tricks to keep this from happening?

It ended up giving a neat looking effect though:

feb 2 wm

I also put together this compilation of all my January photos.

JanuaryI think I need to take more human photos, and less close ups of grass!

July 22nd, photo of the day: Sweet pinks

Though there aren’t as many blooms out now as there were a couple months ago, if one looks closely enough there is still plenty to see!

I can’t remember what these are called, but I found them sitting demurely on the side of the trail in the Black River Riparian Forest.

It has been fun to be in a place for more than one season, and to be able to see the different seasons come and go. The last time Isaac and I visited here, there were Indian Plum bushes blooming everywhere. Now, though I can still find those plants if I look, they are no longer the main character in the landscape.

July 19th, photo of the day: Petal

This was intended for Ramblings and Photos weekly challenge, but I missed the deadline.

Doesn’t mean I can’t share it anyway! :)

I applied a slight vintage action. I played with it more after this, and I found a few different levels of color, ranging from all b&w to full color, and this was my favorite.

What do you think?


June 29th, photo of the day: You Bug Me!

No, not you. Not anything, actually. I’ve just been an insect/bug paparazzi the last few days. Maybe it has something to do with spending time in actual YARDS as opposed to my dark, man-made deck.

Bugs are fun.

Can you see the spider? ;)

Spiders are so weird up close. They have so many things that look like they could be eyes, and they always seem to be looking right at you.

The one thing I haven’t been able to photograph is snails. Not because they aren’t around, they are everywhere! But as soon as my mom sees one, it’s as good as smooshed already. A shattered shell with bits of goo sticking to it does not a photo make. ;)

April 20th, photo of the day: rhodies!

The rhododendrons in our apartment complex are really starting to take off. They are in varying stages of bloom all around, and in a awesome variety of colors!

Just across the street from our place is this bright red bush:


I’ve added this to Photo Friday: Crimson.

Down the walk a bit is another big flowering bush, and while pink is not usually my favorite color, this plant is my favorite rhodie, with it’s subtle pink and deeper pink outline on each petal:

Pretty in Pink

and not to mention it’s cute little stamen that look like they have eyes!

Can you see the little eyes?