July 19th, photo of the day: Petal

This was intended for Ramblings and Photos weekly challenge, but I missed the deadline.

Doesn’t mean I can’t share it anyway! :)

I applied a slight vintage action. I played with it more after this, and I found a few different levels of color, ranging from all b&w to full color, and this was my favorite.

What do you think?


July 14th, photo of the day: a summer sunset

A few more from Gene Coulon’s perspective.

It’s fun to visit a park in February, when no one else is stupid enough to go out in the cold, and then to go back to the same park a few months later when everyone in town seems to be hanging out by the water. This little park on the south end of Lake Washington even offers a roped off swimming area for the kids to play in!


July 10th, photo of the day: The Dude

He started hanging out on a wall near our house one morning not too long ago. He stayed a few days, but now he’s gone.

No sign that he was ever there at all, watching over all the comings and goings for a short while.

I would much rather see interesting graffiti like this around rather than someone’s “tag” name scrawled out over and over again.

July 7th, photo of the day: Mysterious May Creek Park

I went looking for a park noted as May Creek Park on Google maps.

What I found was a beautiful little road, hidden in the middle of town, but a world of its own. I didn’t want to leave.


Reaching up

See? My newest friend likes me :)

May Creek

The forest for the trees

I looked it up again online when I got home, and it doesn’t seem to have a parking area or specific access/entry point like I was expecting to find. I guess I found the park, but who knows. Maybe if I went back the road I drove down wouldn’t even be there anymore. :)


June 16th, photo of the day: Hope for a Sunrise

Got up early this morning with the hopes of finding a nice sunrise. I seem to have a knack for picking overcast mornings though, and it didn’t turn into anything but rain.

However, I did enjoy a nice early morning sit by the lake shore at the boat ramp.

This photo was asking for an old fashioned look. So I obliged it. :)

May 7th, photo of the day: leading lines

Part of the Blogathon are themed days periodically tossed in throughout the month. The idea behind these days is to give us bloggers a topic to write about when we might otherwise be feeling uninspired. Today was the first of such days, the theme being “5 movies that have influenced your writing (or blog).”

Since my little blog is mostly photos…I had a hard time. I tried though! I stretched and fought, trying to make connections to movies that might be believable. Ultimately, I decided it was silly to force movies to fit into my needs. There are LOADS of great bloggers who did use the prompt, or a variation of the prompt, today. You can check out a few of them here:

Aunty JuJu’s Perspective

Victoria Musgrave

The official poultrybook.com blog

And from me, you get only a photograph. Or a few. Today’s theme for me was leading lines. I saw them everywhere. Do you ever get sick of leading linage?

bamboo gate at the park

flags and a little bit of a cloud

Isaac strolling down the path

Forgive me my trees, I’ve been taking a lot of these lately.

I like to try to capture the sheer height of the trees

How do you think I did? Was your eye lead into each of these photos? I would love to know what you think.

In other news, I’ve rediscovered an awesome website recently: Supercook. All you do is enter in all the ingredients you have available, and it gives you suggestions on what to make! I wanted to use up some of my random ingredients, and there could be no better website than this to help me achieve this goal!