February 9th, Day 40: Another day, another day to walk the dog

I didn’t get much photography in today.

I usually take my camera with me as Toby and I stroll around the neighborhood, or when we go to the dog park. And today was no exception, though I wasn’t terribly inspired. It’s not easy holding a steady camera when your dog is straining at the end of his leash to sniff at this or that.

I did notice the sun highlighting these seedpods in a pretty way, so I attempted to get Toby to sit still for two second while I inched into what might be considered the ‘gray area’ of someone’s front yard. The tree wasn’t far into their yard, I promise! But I might have taken a step or maybe two onto their grass.

feb 9 wm

It didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. The sun is blown out, and I didn’t have the patience to try a different composition, to try and block the sun, but I do like how all the little seedpods seem to be dancing in the sunlight!

the silhouette of a duck

Here it is, my 365 day photo of the day. I’m thinking in the future I will be requiring of myself only one photo, rather than the 365 challenge and the 30 day challenge that I am currently working on. It’s hard to be creative on a daily basis anyway, let alone come up with more than one cool shot everyday!

I chose this one because I like the contrast of the ducks on the reflection of the sun on the lake.

What do you think?

The silhouette of a man

Isaac and I have been doing a lot of exploring in the past few weeks.

Most of the time when we head out, we have a certain destination in mind, some park or other cool sounding place that we’ve (usually Isaac) found online. Today we had no destination! We just headed out to see where the road (the 405) would carry us.

We ended up stopping in Lynnwood, at a little park called Martha Lake park. It’s just a little place with a swimming area, and a couple of docks. Those docks ended up the perfect place for me to get some silhouette photos of Isaac jumping off the railing (not into the lake, mind you, a bit too cold for that)

#15 silhouette

It looks like he’s getting pulled up into the air, doesn’t it?

Take Flight

Okay. I admit, I’m cheating today. While I did take photos yesterday (challenge 13: “yourself and 13 things“) the resulting photos were not worthy of my 365 photo project.

These are photos I took on Saturday. I wanted to post them, but didn’t have a chance yesterday, so today is their time!

2 weeks ago, my friend’s mom passed away. Saturday was her memorial service, and because it took place 438 miles away from here I wasn’t able to make it.

I knew they were going to do a balloon release at the end, and so I decided to participate from afar.

Before I released the balloons, I took these photos of them.

It was a good -photography related- experience for me, because the balloons seemed to be alive, and it was a challenge to get clear photos of them as they bobbed around in the wind. My favorite one is the middle shot, with the balloon glowing in front of the sun.

Rest in Peace, Barbara Atkins, you will be missed.

Hurray for the trees!

Tall Trees

I love my new fisheye lens! I just got it for Christmas, and I’m still playing around with it, seeing what it can do.

I took this on the way up to Poo Poo Point yesterday. I was looking for ways to capture the blue sky for my daily photo challenge, but in the end I got this great shot for today.

My other favorite

Also, I just got my newest toy today, a set of Kenko extension tubes. I put them on my 18-55mm lens, but I can’t get it to focus. I think I read somewhere that they don’t automatically  focus with my camera body, a D5000. but I couldn’t get it to focus even on manual. I tried my 55-200 lens and they seem to work okay there…could there be something wrong with my 18-50 lens or is it just with the user? Any thoughts? Do you have extension tubes?