May 7th, Day 127: More of Me Being a Creeper

Stopped by Lake Wilderness before going to work this afternoon.

Beautiful day, lots of people were already out, enjoying the day. Many of them were fishing, including one couple who were already out on the lake in their boat.

They looked so peaceful out there on the calm waters that they became my subject for today’s photo.

I’m pretty sure the man knew I was there, and probably thought I was a weird creeper in the bushes.

may 7 3 wm

I like how the color reflected in the water

may 7 4 wm

may 7 edit wm

March 3rd, Day 62: Sunshine!

I woke to sunshine this morning! It was a pleasant change from all the gray gloom we’ve been having. I grabbed my Easter supplies, which I had purchased and had “on deck” for just a morning, and headed outside to take some photos in the grass.

I definitely want to work with these subjects more, on my next sunny opportunity, here’s what we have so far.

march 3 1 wm

march 3 2 wm march 3 3 wm

march 3 6 wm

march 3 5 wm

(He’s watching you…)

February 15th, Day 46: A few from the garden

We had some sunshine today, and though Toby (the dog) and I didn’t get out as much as we probably should have, we did venture into the yard this afternoon (as well as the dog park, I’m not a terrible dog owner yet).

feb 15 2 wm

I like how the sun was backlighting the veins of this seedpod

feb 15 wm

This small rose is either a hanger-on from last fall or an early bird..either way, I’m happy he’s here!

feb 15 3 wm

February 1st: Day 32: Raindrops on…

Raindrops on roses grassblades, and whiskers on kittens Toby & Isaac…okay, it doesn’t have the same ring as the Sound of Music.

feb 1 wm

feb 1 2 wm

feb 1 3 wm

This one, I dunno. I like how the windmill and trees along the bottom look.

It's like there's a dog in the front seat with me...

It’s like there’s a dog in the front seat with me…

"We're going to the DOG PARK! We're going to the DOG PARK! We're going to the DOG PARK! We're going to the DOG PARK!"

“We’re going to the DOG PARK! We’re going to the DOG PARK! We’re going to the DOG PARK! DOG PARK!”

"I know! Let's fall asleep while Abra stays up and watches the end of this show. Tht way, she can fill us in on what happened tomorrow!"

“I know! Let’s fall asleep while Abra stays up and watches the end of this show. That way, she can fill us in on what happened tomorrow!”



Over at Laughter and Love Photography this month’s Fine Art Friday post is up! See if you notice anything by yours truly…

Sept 24th, photo of the day: For My Sister

Sorry little sister. I know you’re going to hate this one.

I’m thinking it’s a seasonal thing, but these guys are EVERYWHERE around the house I’m staying at right now. It’s so cool, because you don’t even see them except for certain times of the day, when the sun shines perfectly through them.

This fellow (or lady??) was in the window, but most of them were up between the tree branches, at least 10 feet off the ground. (This is nice because it means I won’t be inadvertently walking through them). One was trying to create his (her?) web right across the long driveway to the house.

May 27th, photo of the day: Summer Fun

I sought out some sunshine and some potential human subjects at Fort Dent in Tukwila today.

I found plenty of both! Here are a few of my favorites, conveniently compiled for you into a quadriptych:

This is also my interpretation of summer, for the weekly WordPress challenge,

and my Travel Theme: Summer submission at Where’s My Backpack! :)

May 13th, photo of the day: Harbor Island

Dear NOAA, thank you.

I know, I know, you don’t cause the weather, you just report it. Nevertheless, you have made me a very happy girl. Not only have we had wonderful, sunny, and warm weather the past few days, but we are going to get MORE! All the way until Thursday (and maybe beyond)!

*sigh of happiness*

It is so lovely to wake up to sunshine, and to be able to have all the windows open to the outside world is wonderful.

I wonder if this is how it’s going to be all summer? *dares not to hope*

I drove back up to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market today to buy some of that aforementioned rhubarb. I’m planning on entering a strawberry rhubarb pie in the Columbia City Farmers Market Rhubarb Festival.

I also worked my way down to Harbor Island, or as close to it as I could. I’ve been eying those huge cranes ever time we drive into the city, and today I got to photograph one of them.