May 7th, Day 127: More of Me Being a Creeper

Stopped by Lake Wilderness before going to work this afternoon.

Beautiful day, lots of people were already out, enjoying the day. Many of them were fishing, including one couple who were already out on the lake in their boat.

They looked so peaceful out there on the calm waters that they became my subject for today’s photo.

I’m pretty sure the man knew I was there, and probably thought I was a weird creeper in the bushes.

may 7 3 wm

I like how the color reflected in the water

may 7 4 wm

may 7 edit wm

April 11th, Day 101: Waiting for a sunny day

This morning was overcast and a bit drizzly when the Tob-ster and I went out for a walk.

Down by the shore sits two racks filled with varying types of water vessels; from streamlined kayaks, to family-sized canoes, and to a one-person sailboat, all of which seem to be waiting for the summer to start so they can get out on the water.

Isaac and I have yet to put our recently acquired canoe in the water, though we’ve talked about it a couple times! The next warm day we have off we’re sure to head down there with the paddles!

april 11 wm

As we headed back home the sun did peek out a time or two and I was able to catch it.

april 11 2 wm

We also found a random goose egg out on the docks….silly geese, don’t they know not to leave their kids lying around unprotected??

april 10 2 wm

February 3rd, Day 34: more fun with photoshop

It was quite grey and overcast all day today, ending with a bit of drizzly rain at the end.

I was highly unmotivated to take my camera out, but I forced myself to do just that during a mid-day dog walk down to the lake.

This is the original image:

blah wm

Adding just a little contrasting was an improvement:

blah improve wm

Then I was able to experiment with different techniques in PSE. This one is my favorite:

blah sepia

I tried variations of “carving” and sepia, as well as black and white. I like another with a bit of texturing, but this and that one are very similar.

Just playing around (a nearby, yet slightly different dimension, perhaps?) :

blah crazy

The only thing authentically this bright in this photo is the collection of kayaks and canoes standing by for warmer weather.