June 27th, Day 178: Raindrops are falling on my head…

As soon as I stepped out of my car this morning at the farm, I knew what I would be sharing with you today.

It has been raining on and off over the last few days, and it clearly rained overnight, because everything was drenched! All the flowers, both here and in my garden at home have that “drowned rat” look to them.

I noticed a few plants who didn’t soak in the water like most, but rather caused the water to bead and collect on their leafy surfaces.

Only three days left of the Blogathon! Whew! So close now!

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May 6th, Day 126: The Perfect Park

The Dog and I went in search of the perfect park today.

(Well, first, we creepily watched Isaac as he biked off to work…)



It got up to a record high of 86 degrees in Seattle today, and since Toby and I both had the day off, it seemed the perfect plan.

First, we started out at the Nelson Farm Park, where my little garden plot is part of the local community garden. Toby really likes it up there, because he’s allowed to run around and sniff everything (and pee on everything) while I water my veggies. (I do keep him from reliving himself on anyone’s garden plots though.)

Next, we went in search of the elusive Sacajawea Park in Federal Way. Elusive only because I failed to find it last time we went looking, based only on a brief glance at good old Google maps before heading out. It was okay, but only just. Though it has a nice path all the way around (which we walked, in about 10 minutes), it was too small for our liking. And, it lacked the needed water to play in.

After that, we drove up to Redondo Beach (no, not California). Lovely beach access, and wooden dock for walking. We spent a little time down by the water, but it wasn’t great for beach lounging, as the beach was made up primarily of fist-sized rocks. :/ The search continued!

may 6 3 wm

Toby at Redondo Beach

Our next, and final park, was Dash Point State Park.

We finally found our perfect park. Access to the sound, potential for a hike, and lots of sand to sit in. We even got out in the water a bit, which was surprisingly warm. (kid pee? I hope not) Though Toby is part lab retriever, today’s trip to the beach is leading me to believe that our dog has never had the opportunity to swim before. We waded out, about knee-deep for me, and chest-deep for him. Then, Toby started leaping like a crazy up, out of the water. He kept doing this, as though he either couldn’t figure out how to just walk in water, or as though he thought he could possibly leap up on top of the surface of the water. Either way, it was pretty funny. Me, walking calmly through the water, and my crazy dog leaping like a frog behind me.


Toby at Dash Point

Toby at Dash Point

April 29th, Day 119: Penrose State Park

I had so many from today it seemed to make more sense to put it in gallery form. Just click on any of the following and it will pull up the larger size for your viewing pleasure.

March 11th, Day 70: Lake Wilderness Sunrise

The library where I work part time is closing for a few weeks to have some renovations done.

Today a few of us went in to help box up the remaining books before they get started. It was a really nice morning to be outside, and since I got to town a little early, I headed over to Lake Wilderness to see if the sun was coming up yet.

march 11 1 wm

march 11 2 wm

march 11 3 wm

February 1st: Day 32: Raindrops on…

Raindrops on roses grassblades, and whiskers on kittens Toby & Isaac…okay, it doesn’t have the same ring as the Sound of Music.

feb 1 wm

feb 1 2 wm

feb 1 3 wm

This one, I dunno. I like how the windmill and trees along the bottom look.

It's like there's a dog in the front seat with me...

It’s like there’s a dog in the front seat with me…

"We're going to the DOG PARK! We're going to the DOG PARK! We're going to the DOG PARK! We're going to the DOG PARK!"

“We’re going to the DOG PARK! We’re going to the DOG PARK! We’re going to the DOG PARK! DOG PARK!”

"I know! Let's fall asleep while Abra stays up and watches the end of this show. Tht way, she can fill us in on what happened tomorrow!"

“I know! Let’s fall asleep while Abra stays up and watches the end of this show. That way, she can fill us in on what happened tomorrow!”



Over at Laughter and Love Photography this month’s Fine Art Friday post is up! See if you notice anything by yours truly…

January 17th, Day 17: Adventure

My dog and I went adventuring on the pier out on the lake today.

Doesn’t sound like much of an adventure you say?

How about if I told you it involved walking on still-icy wooden planks with an ADHD dog surrounded by hip-deep ice cold water and DUCKS?

jan 17 wm

I almost slipped on some frozen duck poo a couple times, but was able to maintain control. ;)

I’m not usually for adding words to photos, but I thought I would try my newly acquired Photoshop skill of blurring part of an image a go on this one.

To New Beginnings!

Yesterday (or should I say LAST YEAR, haha), I got to see both the last sunrise and the last sunset of 2012. I also was lucky enough to see an actual hummingbird using the hummingbird feeder I have hanging outside! It’s been almost a year since my sister gave it to me, and this little red-headed guy is the first to use it!

I never really did the resolution thing, or if I did it was always in a halfhearted way I knew wouldn’t stick.

This year, I do intend to keep my resolution to complete a 365 project. I will try and post a photo here everyday, but if that’s not achievable I want to at least TAKE a photo every day.

I did so well last year -up until the time I got an actual job- to take some photos each day. With other demands on my time I will have to really focus to get it done.

Here’s my first one for 2013.

dew, droplets

Melting dots of ice

This was taken with my brand-spanking-new 40mm macro lens I got for my birthday. Thank you Jo and Larry! <3

It was a perfect first day, the sun was shining, the ice was melting, the grass was green.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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