Day eight – Photo of the day Jan. 24th

Okay, so I’m starting to confuse myself over the names of my posts. As in; “is today day seven, or was that yesterday?” So, I’m going to change it up. Now the title will be dated, so I don’t drive myself batty!

Yesterday Isaac and I explored the east side of lake Washington. We stopped at Seward Park, which quickly became my new favorite park, with all its trail systems, both paved and dirt trails. The park boasts 277 square acres, views of lake Washington and the Cascades,

Photo of the day - January 24th

and so much more. I might actually hike/run if we lived near a place like that!

Columbia City seems like a nice city, some potential apartment complexes to check out, safe neighborhoods, and right by the light rail station (and not to mention close proximity to Seward park). I also saw a bakery that I might like to work in.All in all, it was a good day of exploring!

Today’s photo was taken with my trusty Nikon D5000 camera and my 18-55mm lens. I took it at the aforementioned Seward Park.

I edited it a bit, cropped and rotated it because I noticed (this morning) that the shoreline was crooked, listing off to the right. So I straightened it out. I love Photoshop. (Note to self: that’s another thing I really need to work on, learning to use Photoshop better. Add it to your bucket list)



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