January 27th – Clouds in my coffee

Jan 27 - clouds












I took so many photos yesterday!

The challenge of the day was clouds, and boy, did we find them in Green Lake! Isaac and I have been exploring nearby areas the past few days, checking out where we might want to move to and seeing what places are good for the out door activities we like.

We drove up to Green Lake yesterday. I love the park there. or, is it just considered a lake? Anyway, with 2.8 miles of path all the way around, I got plenty of photos of reflecting clouds. …And of ducks, dogs, and people – people who had no idea I was taking photos of them as they jogged/snacked/gossiped by me.

Then, we went over to Magnuson park, which is another very cool park, where we caught part of a rugby game between Central Washington University and BYU. To be honest, I had little idea of what was going on with that game, but it was a lot of fun to watch, and photograph. I got some interesting shots. Maybe I’ll add those in later after I play around with them a little.

I had a really hard time choosing a photo for today. But I’ve decided it needs to be narrowed down to one each day, I don’t like how my 4th day has so many photos on it. ..maybe I should change that too.

I’ve entered this photo in Click it Up a Notch‘s Photography Contest!

Check it out here:

Click It Up A Notch


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