A childhood memory

Today’s challenge stumped me.

I was trying to think in terms of a place where a childhood memory happened, and since I just recently moved to Washington -a state I had never been to, let alone had a childhood memory in, until I was in my twenties- I was afraid I might have to skip this challenge due to my inability to get creative.

Then, I started thinking in terms of general childhood memories, like swing sets and sand boxes, somewhere nearly everyone has some kind of childhood memory. Unfortunately by the time I’d come to this thought the sun was setting, and I couldn’t think of a playground in my immediate area to run to and try and get a good shot.

So, I gave up. My next idea was to cheat and just put in a photo from my actual childhood, even if I hadn’t taken it myself.

I sat down to look through my photos, when I got hungry and realized the pickle I was about to get as a snack was a perfect childhood memory.

My grampa, my dad’s dad, taught me to make pickles, from his home grown cucumbers! We only did it once together, but his pickles were the best. We added peppers to add a bit of spicy-ness. Oh, they were so delicious. I hope to be able to try the recipe again, on my own, when I have my own garden to grow cucumbers in.

Not my Grampie's pickles, but still good









And, for good measure, a photo with me and my grampa in his backyard.

Okay, this is not the most flattering photo of yours truly


My photo of the day: February 2nd

I’ve been trying to look for photographic opportunities everywhere I go. Because I’m learning that while it’s easy to take awesome photos in picturesque places, it’s harder to take good photos in boring places like your local grocery store.

I took this one in the drainage ditch in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

Also, by encouragement from my sister, I’ve started adding a watermark to my photos. What do you think? Is it too subtle?