Poo Poo Point

Weird name, right? It’s origins are not what you think!

They used to log in the Tiger Mountain area, and ‘poo poo’ is the sound of the steam whistle they blew before starting to haul trees through the forest. I learned all about it at issaquahpress.com.

It was a beautiful day today, very spring-like! It was about 60 degrees when we started up the trail with me looking for something blue to photograph!

Near the top we got a great view of Mount Rainier, and from the point itself, we could see down into the valley where Lake Sammamish and the town of Issaquah sit, and beyond to Mt Baker!

View from the top



I found my blue subject at the very end, with this photo of lake Sammamish and the surrounding hills down in the valley. And the sky too, of course!



The groundhog is WRONG!

I’m hoping. And judging by this sunset, Mother Nature is looking forward to spring too.

Spring is coming!












I’m starting to get more brave with Photoshop. I added the watermark. I erased all the power lines cutting across the sunset. Turns out, clouds don’t need to be a certain shape to look untouched! :D