Hurray for the trees!

Tall Trees

I love my new fisheye lens! I just got it for Christmas, and I’m still playing around with it, seeing what it can do.

I took this on the way up to Poo Poo Point yesterday. I was looking for ways to capture the blue sky for my daily photo challenge, but in the end I got this great shot for today.

My other favorite

Also, I just got my newest toy today, a set of Kenko extension tubes. I put them on my 18-55mm lens, but I can’t get it to focus. I think I read somewhere that they don’t automatically  focus with my camera body, a D5000. but I couldn’t get it to focus even on manual. I tried my 55-200 lens and they seem to work okay there…could there be something wrong with my 18-50 lens or is it just with the user? Any thoughts? Do you have extension tubes?


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