I’ve been enjoying playing with Photoshop lately. I want to look into classes on the subject, either online or in person, I’ll have to do a little research.

I am slowly figuring out a bit on my own; altering colors, adjusting contrast, and making collages (like the one below) but I have loads more I want to learn. I grew up playing on a computer, so all the typical stuff is like second nature, and I want to get to that point too with Photoshop.


the silhouette of a duck

Here it is, my 365 day photo of the day. I’m thinking in the future I will be requiring of myself only one photo, rather than the 365 challenge and the 30 day challenge that I am currently working on. It’s hard to be creative on a daily basis anyway, let alone come up with more than one cool shot everyday!

I chose this one because I like the contrast of the ducks on the reflection of the sun on the lake.

What do you think?