Technologically speaking

My dad works in the telecommunications department at a hospital, and he has worked with telephone related stuff for as long as I can remember (my whole life? probably).

He used to bring home brand new phones that needed to be assembled. They each came in a box with all the parts in little plastic bags. My sisters and I would help put them together (it wasn’t super complicated, just attaching the base to the phone cord and the cord to the handheld part. I mean, come on, we were under 10 years old!). After we were finished (or possibly after we decided we’d had enough, I can’t remember) we would put the plastic bags on our feet and “skate” up and down the hallway on the carpet. It was super fun.

What does this have to do with today’s technology challenge? Well, I guess it’s a stretch. I’m reminiscing here, leave me alone! ;)

For today’s challenge I took a photo of another fun telephone thing my dad brought home for us to play with.

Telephone wire! While visiting my dad at work one day I discovered the awesomeness of this stuff. It’s multi-colored, bendable, and endless in availability! Now, whenever they move telephone lines around, or reroute something, he brings some of this home.

It’s so weird to think that (when using a land line) our conversations are transmitted over this little wire.

I used my new 36mm extension tube and my 18-55mm lens to get this close. I used technology to photograph technology. Aren’t I cool? :D


Milo Greene

Last night, Isaac and I went to a Milo Greene concert at the High Dive in Fremont. It was a fun concert, cute little place, and only 7 bucks!

I felt a little funny with all my camera stuff at a concert (I brought it into the city take the long exposure photo), but we got there early, and so we were lucky enough to grab one of the few table spots along the wall.

I was sitting on the table, taking photos of the band, when this girl nearby lifted her phone to take a her own photos of the band!

Milo Greene

Thanks girl, where ever you are! :)

Long Exposure

Okay okay, so I’m already off schedule on posting! Gah!

My task yesterday was to use a longer exposure time than normal. When I tried to get Isaac running, around 4pm, it was still way to light out, so I decided to wait until later and try on some cars, maybe with the city view in the background.

In my dreams, it looked something like this or this. Wow.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead, and for example, KNOW where this particular shot was taken, so I could at least try to recreate it. So, we drove around a bit, looking for a potential spot. The closest I came was this:

Which is a far cry from this.I see now that I needed to be further from the freeway itself. And it probably wouldn’t have hurt to try a little earlier than midnight, some time when more cars were on the road.

I also took a couple from the Aurora Bridge, which don’t have the city in them, but I love what the long exposure (1 second) did to the street lights. Coool.

Anyway, now that I know where I need to go  (Dr Jose Rizal park) I want a do-over!