Trash Collecting

I went to quickly drop some stuff in the mailbox yesterday when on my way back into the house this guy drove by and I kicked myself for not having my camera on me. Then I realized he probably wasn’t going very far, and if I ran I could catch him at the trash compactor. I was right! I realize now that this is an odd thing to want…anyway, here it is, today’s photo for you!

Trash Train - anybody want a green couch?

On a separate, but trash related, topic I wanted to pummel Adobe yesterday. And again this morning. So recently I’d started creating and using watermarks on my photos. Yesterday, out of the blue I couldn’t create them anymore, and it wouldn’t let me access the brush category where all my other ones were stored. I tried to download the update – 3 separate times – and got the same ‘failed to install’ message. It said “this update failed to install. Please see below what you must change before trying again” and below it said “There was an error installing this update. please try again later.” That’s what I have to change? WTH?? So after that message three times I tried customer support, which turns out, if your problem doesn’t fall into a specific – already answered – category you have t pay something like $40 for talk to someone? Again, WTH?

I was almost at the throwing-my-computer-out-the-window stage. I then tried entering the exact phase “Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0.3 Update There was an error installing this update. Please quit and try again later.” into Google. What came up was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all morning. Someone else with the same problem in the Adobe Forums (read: where regular people don’t charge you a crap ton of money to help you not throw your computer out the window) and someone actually answering! Hallelujah. Thank you to “sviathi” for asking the question, and to “izabooo” for answering. Wherever you are, I love you.

In conclusion, Adobe would rather rape and pillage it’s customers, while it’s customers are willing to help each other for free. Thanks Adobe, for nothing!






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