Some sweets for my sweet

I woke up early to make Isaac these cinnamon rolls for Valentine’s Day!

I found the recipe here, at Heavenly Homemakers.

It’s a whole wheat cinnamon roll recipe, though that’s the extent of the ‘healthy’ factor. Butter, sugar, milk, and more sugar are also found in it.  Also, I’m not sure who the recipe is really geared toward, though I’m thinking it must be for a small army, based on the amount of cinnamon rolls it would make. I halved the recipe, but I probably should have quartered it.

I now have several little bundles awaiting the first homeless people I see today because it would take Isaac and I a few weeks to eat all of these little guys! (They’re delicious but rich and super sweet!)

It was a really easy recipe to follow, the author did a good job of breaking up the ingredients into what section they were needed for (dough, filling, gooey topping).

I was able to fit them all into my 9″ springform pan, which worked out very well in terms of extraction.

Sorry for the deluge of cinnamon roll photography below, they were such good subjects I couldn’t stop! heehee


February 14th: photo of the day plus a couple of it’s friends

Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? They are everywhere here in Renton, and Seattle, and I’m hoping they turn out to be something big and beautiful!

In other news, Isaac successfully jerry-rigged my current tripod! Yay!

One of the legs wouldn’t lock, rendering the entire thing useless. So, he took some electric tape and, voila! Good as new.

Operation Save Up For a New Tripod continues, though it might get preempted for Operation Save Up For a New Lens.

Happy Valentine’s Day!