February 15th: sunflare

Okay, I lied. I was able to get a good sun flare today! The sun came out, and I grabbed the opportunity.

We drove down to Lake Washington, and I took some photos!

Here are my favorites!

A double sunflare off a part of a log on the water

A sunflare on Isaac's face


February 15th: fire and wine

Remember those cinnamon rolls I mentioned yesterday? And how I said I’d made too many so planned on giving them to some of the many homeless people in the area? Yeah, well, about that.

We drove up to Bellevue yesterday to attend the Humane Society volunteer orientation program, and on the way we saw a homeless man standing on the side of the road holding up a sign. It was the first homeless person I’d seen all day, so I was excited to give him some cinnamon rolls. Isaac slowed down the car as we approached and I leaned down to get a package out of the bag. The window was rolled down, and the man saw me lean over. He said “no thanks, I already got a lot of sandwiches today, I don’t need any more” I said something along the lines of “oh, no, these are cinnamon rolls I made this morning, do you want some?” His reply: “no, no thanks.”

I was rejected by a homeless man. My cinnamon rolls were rejected by a homeless man.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get that people don’t all like cinnamon rolls, and not all people want to take food that some stranger made, but I didn’t think homeless people could be so picky. Not to mention that these are pretty darn delicious cinnamon rolls!

The next homeless guy we saw, I made sure to ask if he wanted them before assuming he would.

Today’s photo is from last night, Isaac and I bought a bunch of cheeses (different delicious kinds) and a bottle of bubbly wine and settled in to watch The Help and Sleepless in Seattle (first time seeing it, thought it was appropriate since I live here now!)

Today’s challenge might be difficult..I have to get a sunflare, but that hard to do with no sun…hmm..

Give him a hand!

Oops! I didn’t post yesterday’s photo challenge photo!

Ah well. Here it is today.

The challenge was “hands” and so I thought, what with it being Valentine’s Day, that I could get a photo of Isaac and I holding hands! It’s harder than I thought it would be, probably mostly because I don’t have a remote shutter release, so I would set up the shot, hit the timer button and run over to where Isaac was standing. The results are not very natural looking shots.

So, after a bit of trying that, Isaac got bored and started throwing crazy hand gestures to the camera. I decided to use of those instead.

Thumbs up! or hitching a ride?

Another reason these photos didn’t turn out how I’d imagined them was the weather. I know, I know, don’t blame the weather, but it was nice-ish out when we got to the park, but started raining shortly there after. Thanks Isaac, for putting up with it all! :)