The only purpose of the internet is to distract me. Ugh!

Today’s challenge is ‘animals’ and I found a few today, though the photos I took were not what I wanted them to be. I glimpsed a bald eagle as we were driving along and I made Isaac stop and let me jump out, which I did, but the bald eagle was wary of me and took off. This is the best shot I got of him before he got too far:

Bald Eagle

I’m kicking myself for not getting a better photo, but deep down I know that was next to impossible without a longer zoom lens. It was just too forest-y and he took off pretty quickly. But I thought it was too cool not to share a photo of a bald eagle just hanging out there. Sorry I bothered you, big guy!

I also saw an awesome banana slug on the trail, but none of my photos of him are crisp enough. :( I thought they were at the time I took them, but, turns out I was wrong. I was using my extension tubes, and focusing on his little eyeball/antennas but I guess I wasn’t stable enough. Argh.

And this is my “official” photo challenge photo of the day:



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