I see the world in Black and White

Well, I tried to see in black and white today!

Isaac and I were back up in Bellevue today for the Humane Society training. There was an hour in between (which turned into two hours when the first session finished early, I digress…) our “animal handling” training (I put a leash on a chihuahua, exciting stuff)  and my “pet publicist” training.

So, we went looking for a place where I could possibly get a black and white shot in for the day! We found a trail system called Newport Hills, and Isaac wanted to see where it came out, so off we went! We got about 1.2 miles in (the sign told me so) when it came time for us to turn back or I’d miss my training.

Isaac on a bridge


Also, I think as this 30 day challenge comes to a close, instead of taking on two separate challenges (month-long challenge and 365 challenge) I’m going to combine the two and offer you, the reader, just one photo a day. Or more, if I have good ones to offer. I love taking photos, and it’s been super helpful to have a daily guide to get my creativity in motion, but I will start applying those photos to my 365 project.

That being said, since I started my blog/photo challenge/learning process in the middle of January, I’ve been a bit off on the monthly prompts. Tomorrow, is my last photo for this 30 day challenge, a ‘self-portrait,” and so once I’ve finished with that I won’t be starting a new one until March 1st. I’ll just be taking photos of whatever strikes my fancy.

Whew, I feel like I’m babbling.



365 project: Feb 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st (33-34-35-36)

I didn’t take a lot of photos this weekend, though I did switch my camera to save in RAW format, so it might be a while before I figure out to tweak them in Photoshop enough to post them here. Scratch that. That’s going to be a project for a week when I have more time. I don’t feel like messing with it now.

We had a fun weekend, Isaac went skiing, I made a chocolate cream pie (I posted that post earlier), and we got to hang out and visit with Isaac’s family; his parents, his brother’s family, and his aunt, uncle and cousin.

Also, this week might be a bit slim on the blog front because I have some friends coming into town (yay!) and I don’t want to be staring at this computer screen when I could be enjoying their company. I will of course, be taking photos though, so stay tuned for new subject material (I’m so excited)!

Okay, here they are, the last three days (+ today) worth of 365 photos!

(I’ve submitted this one as my sweet shot for Sweet Shot Tuesday on My 3 Boybarians, found here)

Some of my favorites did end up being from the same day, but I assure you I took photos each and every day.

I love these cattail shots. They look so soft and cuddly.

Whew! There they are, folks. Please let me know what you think!

The last four days

…oh, this page is still blank?? Aren’t these things supposed to write themselves?


Guess not.

Alright, here goes.

Rather than bombarding your in-boxes, RSS feeds, etc, with a separate blog post for each of the past four days worth of challenges and 365 photos, I’m going to offer you with just one post for each type (challenge and daily).

I give you challenges #25 – 28: something pink, close up, from a distance, flowers.

#25 something pink - I saw these guys by the sign for our apartment complex, I quickly jumped out and took a few photos before we left for Spokane.

#26 close up - I love this one, and the other close ups I took of these cattails. I took a little walk from Isaac's parents house to this spot; I'd seen these from the car several times, and they were my goal. Glad I overcame my laziness!

#27 from a distance - this one was taken from the car as we drove home yesterday. I was trying to capture the colors of the sky and the red and white of the hay covers, which I'm not sure I succeeded in doing here, but I still like the outcome.

#28 flowers - this is actually another of the shots I took before we left on Friday. This flower, and those behind it are in fact the same pink of the first photo, but I wanted to offer something different and I think I got it in the B&W. I might try again to photo these guys, with the flower 'facing' me

And a silly bonus from the “something Pink” challenge. Just as we were pulling onto Isaac’s parents street, Pink came on the radio. :)

#25 something Pink

Stay tuned!

Chocolate Cream Pie (AKA nom nom nom)

I’ve been making lists, the dreaded lists, and mine just keeps getting longer and longer. I occasionally accomplish something on it, but with each thing gone I seem to add at least two more. So many ideas, they just keep popping into my head!

Something I read somewhere recently (can’t remember where…) said that if there’s something on my list that will take less than two minutes to accomplish, I should just do it instantly. Every time I think of one of these two minutes things I remember this advice, and -at least half the time- I take it. :p

*edit* rereading this, I’m not sure where I was going with this train of thought. Looks like I lost it anyway, haha.


Here’s the pie:

The piece

Oh, I used a recipe found at Allrecipes.com. I took the advice of the reviewers,  many of whom suggested adding an extra tablespoon of cornstarch, which helped with the firming-up of the filling. I also added an extra egg yolk, for the same reason, and I substituted whole milk instead of  regular milk for sweetness.

It's alive!

Pre-whipped topping

The whole thing

All in all, it was delicious, albeit a bit soft (yes, despite the above additions). I changed my mind. It has an almost perfect consistency.

We also added some crumbled Butterfingers for extra topping, which will have to be homemade butterfingers in the future, but this time we already had real Butterfingers on hand.


Update: I just another piece of this, and it tastes even better now than it did yesterday. Yum.