Chocolate Cream Pie (AKA nom nom nom)

I’ve been making lists, the dreaded lists, and mine just keeps getting longer and longer. I occasionally accomplish something on it, but with each thing gone I seem to add at least two more. So many ideas, they just keep popping into my head!

Something I read somewhere recently (can’t remember where…) said that if there’s something on my list that will take less than two minutes to accomplish, I should just do it instantly. Every time I think of one of these two minutes things I remember this advice, and -at least half the time- I take it. :p

*edit* rereading this, I’m not sure where I was going with this train of thought. Looks like I lost it anyway, haha.


Here’s the pie:

The piece

Oh, I used a recipe found at I took the advice of the reviewers,  many of whom suggested adding an extra tablespoon of cornstarch, which helped with the firming-up of the filling. I also added an extra egg yolk, for the same reason, and I substituted whole milk instead of  regular milk for sweetness.

It's alive!

Pre-whipped topping

The whole thing

All in all, it was delicious, albeit a bit soft (yes, despite the above additions). I changed my mind. It has an almost perfect consistency.

We also added some crumbled Butterfingers for extra topping, which will have to be homemade butterfingers in the future, but this time we already had real Butterfingers on hand.


Update: I just another piece of this, and it tastes even better now than it did yesterday. Yum.


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