I see the world in Black and White

Well, I tried to see in black and white today!

Isaac and I were back up in Bellevue today for the Humane Society training. There was an hour in between (which turned into two hours when the first session finished early, I digress…) our “animal handling” training (I put a leash on a chihuahua, exciting stuff)  and my “pet publicist” training.

So, we went looking for a place where I could possibly get a black and white shot in for the day! We found a trail system called Newport Hills, and Isaac wanted to see where it came out, so off we went! We got about 1.2 miles in (the sign told me so) when it came time for us to turn back or I’d miss my training.

Isaac on a bridge


Also, I think as this 30 day challenge comes to a close, instead of taking on two separate challenges (month-long challenge and 365 challenge) I’m going to combine the two and offer you, the reader, just one photo a day. Or more, if I have good ones to offer. I love taking photos, and it’s been super helpful to have a daily guide to get my creativity in motion, but I will start applying those photos to my 365 project.

That being said, since I started my blog/photo challenge/learning process in the middle of January, I’ve been a bit off on the monthly prompts. Tomorrow, is my last photo for this 30 day challenge, a ‘self-portrait,” and so once I’ve finished with that I won’t be starting a new one until March 1st. I’ll just be taking photos of whatever strikes my fancy.

Whew, I feel like I’m babbling.



2 thoughts on “I see the world in Black and White

  1. I’m old enough to remember shooting a couple of rolls of Tri-X with a Nikon FM and having fun in the darkroom. Today’s computer processing somehow doesn’t seem as exciting as those days but I grant you, its a great deal faster…and cheaper. An Excellent Black and White by the way…..nice contrast and terrific tonality.

    • Hi John! Thank you for your comment! I was feeling a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to get that Really-Great-Awesome-Black-and-White photo that I wanted to get for this challenge, but after I read your comment, I feel better!
      I got to shoot a little in black and white (and learned to develop it) in high school, and I loved it! I agree with you on the computer processing being less exciting. For me, it was always a great moment when a photo placed on the enlarger came out just exactly how i pictured it. :)

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