The last four days

…oh, this page is still blank?? Aren’t these things supposed to write themselves?


Guess not.

Alright, here goes.

Rather than bombarding your in-boxes, RSS feeds, etc, with a separate blog post for each of the past four days worth of challenges and 365 photos, I’m going to offer you with just one post for each type (challenge and daily).

I give you challenges #25 – 28: something pink, close up, from a distance, flowers.

#25 something pink - I saw these guys by the sign for our apartment complex, I quickly jumped out and took a few photos before we left for Spokane.

#26 close up - I love this one, and the other close ups I took of these cattails. I took a little walk from Isaac's parents house to this spot; I'd seen these from the car several times, and they were my goal. Glad I overcame my laziness!

#27 from a distance - this one was taken from the car as we drove home yesterday. I was trying to capture the colors of the sky and the red and white of the hay covers, which I'm not sure I succeeded in doing here, but I still like the outcome.

#28 flowers - this is actually another of the shots I took before we left on Friday. This flower, and those behind it are in fact the same pink of the first photo, but I wanted to offer something different and I think I got it in the B&W. I might try again to photo these guys, with the flower 'facing' me

And a silly bonus from the “something Pink” challenge. Just as we were pulling onto Isaac’s parents street, Pink came on the radio. :)

#25 something Pink

Stay tuned!


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