Follow me, my children…

So, I have been at this for a little over a month now, and I have 92 people -between email alerts and facebook- following my blog. This is amazing! Thank you for following me!

I was thinking, maybe since the monumentus one hundredth follower is imminent, I should offer some sort of a drawing when that time rolls around! When I started this blog I thought I would be offering you equal parts food and photography adventures, and while there have been some of both, I have been using it far more for a place to showcase my photography.

That being said, I now want to hear from you. If you were to win, which would you rather receive as a prize; a set of 5 note cards with my photos on them, or a dozen homemade whole wheat bagels?

Today Isaac and I took Ashley and Stan up to the Smith Tower! It’s a great view of the city, that offers a different perspective to the Space Needle.

Can you see the Space Needle?


*edit* I just added this photo to the Photo Friday challenge, found here! Check it out, add your own! :)


4 thoughts on “Follow me, my children…

  1. How fun!! I was stationed at Aberdeen back in the day, wow thinking about the math now, Kayla was 4. So 15 years ago. I love Arizona.
    This photo is amazing!! The road leads you to a really different perspective. Good luck with your 100… makes me want to wait to click follow hehe… notecards or bagels. hmmmm ;) tough one.

      • Hey, no worries! That was fun for me to read. :D
        But, enjoy your coffee all the same!
        Also, thank you for your comment! And feel free to follow any time you want, I hope to be here for awhile!

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