February 28th: I took a little walk…

I took a walk to the post office today, to mail off a couple of packages and other things (what else does one do at the post office?). It’s really quite nice to have the post office so close, it’s probably only about a fourth of a mile to walk over there.

It would be closer, but I would have to hop a fence with circular barbed wire, do I live in a prison?!….a slightly shorter walk is not enough to motivate me to tangle with that kind of fence!


On the return trip I noticed this tree, with all the leaves still attached. The wind was blowing through the dried leaves, it sounded so cool! I wish I could have taken a photo of the sound for you to hear.

Dry leaves

and more

Tree in B&W

And, as an added bonus, this tree has a heart!

Tree heart