February 28th: I took a little walk…

I took a walk to the post office today, to mail off a couple of packages and other things (what else does one do at the post office?). It’s really quite nice to have the post office so close, it’s probably only about a fourth of a mile to walk over there.

It would be closer, but I would have to hop a fence with circular barbed wire, do I live in a prison?!….a slightly shorter walk is not enough to motivate me to tangle with that kind of fence!


On the return trip I noticed this tree, with all the leaves still attached. The wind was blowing through the dried leaves, it sounded so cool! I wish I could have taken a photo of the sound for you to hear.

Dry leaves

and more

Tree in B&W

And, as an added bonus, this tree has a heart!

Tree heart


3 thoughts on “February 28th: I took a little walk…

  1. Wonderful Shots of this Red Oak. It’s always the last tree to shed its leaves. Here in North Carolina, the Red Oak Leaves don’t fall until the following spring..

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