March 1st: Up!

Starting today I have daily challenges again!

I’m using the fat mum slim March photo a day prompts!

Today’s is “Up” and so off I went in search of things above…

taken with a florescent filter, I thought the effect was kind of interesting looking.

and another

I'm pretty sure this crow was either having a conversation with or an argument with the two little yappy dogs in the yard below.

and one of the sky

And remember, if you want to be entered into the giveaway drawing, be sure to comment on the post on my Facebook wall!

Oh! I almost forgot, I finally set up my Etsy storefront! I have some of my photography on notecards for sale, that you can see, here.


2 thoughts on “March 1st: Up!

  1. Yes Indeed, In addition to looking up, look behind you after you’ve taken a shot, particularly a sunrise or sunset. Some of the best sunrise shots I’ve ever taken were in the western sky.

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