I would give you the recipe, but then I’d have to kill you

"Daddy bread"

The recipe is known as “Daddy bread” in my family. No, it contains no real bits of Daddy (har har).

My dad made this a lot throughout my childhood, though in the past few years he’d stopped making it. But recently he picked it up again and we all remembered how much we liked it!

I wanted to make some bread to use for sandwiches and toast and such, but I didn’t want any to go waste, so I halved the recipe. I also substituted whole wheat flour and honey for the asked for all-purpose flour and sugar, which doesn’t seem to have affected the taste or the density in any adverse way.

This recipe is different from the other yeast bread recipes I’ve tried, in that after the requisite kneading and resting, you flatten the dough and roll it into the loaf shape. You can kind of see this pattern in this top photo.

Care for a slice?

Today’s photo challenge was another uninspiring one. Bedside. How about breadside instead?

Looks like something Pumbaa would like to get his hands on

I liked the last challenge set I did, because it focused more on improving my skills with prompts like long exposure and sunflare. This one has been disappointing so far in prompts such as window and bedside. Anyway, I decided to mix and match with another monthly challenge, from CaptureYour365. And, like today, there will likely be days that I don’t like either prompt, and on those days, I’ll just inspire myself! :)

Here’s a bonus for you.

A colorful sun reflection in a puddle

…Oh, did you want that bread recipe?


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