A window

That’s today’s prompt. A window.

How about a window to the soul? Hmm?

Window to the soul

And for the sticklers, there’s a reflection of an actual window on the eyeball.

I did get around to making those doughnuts I’ve been talking about, finally!  My sister gave me a doughnut pan for Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been meaning to try it since I got it. I used this recipe from 101cookbooks.com. Never having made doughnuts before, I thought it best to use the exact ingredients listed (plus, I figured if you’re going to eat a doughnut, why waste your time using whole wheat flour?).

Kneading all-purpose flour dough is SO MUCH BETTER than kneading whole wheat flour dough.

It’s so much smoother and creamier. I felt like I was holding a newborn baby instead of a ball of dough. Am I crazy? Whole wheat flour is rough and heavy, and harder to knead. Don’t get me wrong here, I like the final product of whole wheat – whatever – just fine, but I seriously enjoyed kneading that little ball of all-purpose flour dough. Okay, maybe I’m crazy. (oh, and eating it isn’t so bad either)

Doughnut love

Heart shaped doughnuts taste better

Doughnut hole love. I won't lie, I ate a lot these little guys during the pre-baking stage.


One thought on “A window

  1. I love your window to the soul photo, both the concept and the execution! Your dough baby creeped me out a little, but it was worth reading cause the donuts look cute and delicious. ;P

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