Seattle Humane Society

Evening all!

I started my new volunteer job at the Seattle Humane Society this week!

They have loads of volunteers (they said something like 1000+), and so the job descriptions are very specific. For example, Isaac is going be part of the “jog-a-dog” program.  His duties? Once a week, take a high-energy dog on a 5K run.

My job? “pet publicist.” My duties: take photos of cats and write up a description of them for the Seattle Humane website!

How cool is that? I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

This is Wembley (I don’t think his profile has been made public on the website yet). This guy is going to be adopted in no time.

I’m going to refrain from posting photos of the cats I photograph every week (I can’t promise that it won’t EVER happen), but I wanted to share this neat thing I get to do!


5 thoughts on “Seattle Humane Society

    • Do you have cats at home? I can understand that kind of thought, though at least at this shelter they have a lot of sanitation methods in place – hand sani, special absorbent mats at every doorway, sick cats in isolation (i don’t work with them), etc. I wear a certain pair of shoes when i go, and i don’t use them anywhere else.
      You should do it! It’s been loads of fun already.

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