Braided Bread

Isaac cooked up some delicious cashew alfredo for dinner last night, the recipe can be found here, at Dawn Jackson Blatner’s website.

When he told me what he had in mind for dinner, I decided I could contribute something to the meal too by making garlic bread.

I used this Food Network recipe for sourdough bread, complete with my own tweaks (be aware that the times indicated in this recipe are way off. The actual bake time should be considerably less than what it says, and the prep time is longer. They left out the “resting” hour), and it rendered this result:

Garlic Bread

It was tasty, just a little over cooked. Looks pretty though, don’t you agree?

Today, since I now have a whole batch of sourdough starter, I thought I’d try again. And what which it being St Patty’s Day, I thought I would try my hand at a little Celtic knot tying!

Celtic Knot Bread

I added green food coloring to one of the strands.

I baked these for only 20 minutes, and they turned out DELICIOUS! Warm bread, yummm…


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