They’re called “Indian Plum”

I’m so excited!

For those of you who follow this little blog, I have been taking a lot of photos recently of a certain budding plant, that, until today, I didn’t know the name of.

Well kids, today I found out it’s an “Indian Plum.”  Thank you Redmond Watershed Interpretative Displays! I’m looking forward to seeing them with fruit (and tasting it?)

Here are some Indian Plum photos, and a few others (including some more Chewie…):

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13 thoughts on “They’re called “Indian Plum”

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the name of this plant! It’s always the first bush to bud around February, and the first to start changing color in late August! I’ve been calling it “the first bush” for years. My goodness, I’m so excited. Indian plum. It’s everywhere in my town, but I couldn’t very well look up “the first bush” on google. I tried looking up common plants, but no luck. So thank you very much. :) My search is now over.

  2. Okay, just looked up Indian Plum on google, and it’s not the plant I thought it was. The leaves are the same. The flowers are the same. But the plant I was looking for doesn’t give berries. Ugh. What a disappointment. But I still enjoyed your photos. Almost looks like those are salmon berry flowers at the end? But it’s very early for them to be blooming.

  3. I’m so ready for spring! Wish it’d warm up though. I’m currently looking at two inches of sleet on the ground. Foo.

    Have you been out to Port Angles and Neah Bay yet?

    • Really? What part of Seattle are you in? It snowed here a bit yesterday (and today) but nothing stuck. Now I’m seeing sunshine.

      I have not yet been to Port Angles or Neah Bay (looking them up now), but we haven’t done nearly any coastal exploring yet, we were waiting for warmer weather.
      Hmm..Neah Bay looks scenic! This and Port Angles looks like an area we’ll need to stay and explore more than one day! Are there particular places you suggest checking out when we’re there?

      • I’m up in Lynnwood. Due to the convergence zone that’s located near Everett, the weather can be drastically different from Seattle and Tacoma. It’s kinda boring up here, but I like that I can see the Olympias, Cascades and Mt. Rainier from a certain spot near my apt – haven’t been able to find any other spots with the same views. :)

        I haven’t been out to Neah Bay yet, but I know there’s a dog-friendly campsite out there (can’t remember if you’ve a dog). If it ever warms up enough, I plan to overnight it and try grab some nice dawn pictures. I have a friend who grew up in Port Angeles, and I’ve driven over but didn’t really explore, so that’s also on my to-do list.

        The other site you might want to check out is Orcas island – it is gorgeous up there, pretty difficult to take a bad picture. And most of the restaurants and resorts are very into organic food.

        Wallace Falls/Gold Bend is also pretty nice. Hmm what else…I’m told there are “sea caves” (is it still sea if you’re in the Puget Sound?) north of Marysville, could make for a fun photo shoot there…Do a treasure-hunter type thing.

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