Photo of the day, March 20th: Black River Riparian Forest

Today’s challenge prompt from capture your 365 is “in the great outdoors.”

I originally thought I would do the exact opposite, since nearly every one of my posts have involved “the great outdoors!”

But, in the end, I went back outside. This time to the Black River Riparian Forest and Watershed, here in Renton.

It’s a pretty little river surrounded by heavy foliage and tall trees, with a short trail along side it.

As a bonus, we met a man named Bob who was out doing some bird watching with his wife and a friend. He was so happy to talk with us and give us suggestions on what to check out. He told us (and pointed out their old nests) about a large population of Herons that used to nest there – approximately 130 birds- before a bald eagle came in a couple of years ago and killed and ate all their young.

Pretty Flowers

The other challenge prompt, from fat mum slim, is “before and after.”

Which of these do you like better? (The color one is different from the above photo, which is the original.)

Before and After

I took a few more today, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to post them. Have a good night!


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