The great outdoors is right here in town!

Here are a few more from the Black River Riparian Forest:

Indian Plum!

I don't know what this is, but it makes me happy to look at it!

It looks like it's from a Dr Seuss book!

Growing up we called this Puzzle Plant

A piece of the trail, a tree of stone

Delightful little yellow flowers

The hummingbirds love these, I hear.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty pale flowers

Love these.

I darkened this one to give it a creepy look

I LOVE these too

So whimsical

With little drops of dew

And what's a riverside post with cattails?

Broken-top cattail

an eerie sun

I may, or may not post again later tonight. I’ll be honest, I haven’t taken any photos yet today. I spent my usual photo-taking time writing cat descriptions! :D

I also added this post to Project Alicia’s Wordless Wednesday! Follow the link to see the other submissions!

Whew! I feel like I went a little crazy on this one. I feel like I need to just pick one or two of my favorites, but it’s so difficult to do that sometimes!



5 thoughts on “The great outdoors is right here in town!

  1. Eerie, Creepy, Spooky. I’m noticing a pattern ;) I like them all! You really live in such a gorgeous location! How awesome to be surrounded by such green trails!

    • Right? What does that mean, is my mood dark right now? My personality? haha I love it here, and I’m excited to see more and more green as the weather warms up!

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