Photo of the Day, March 24th: An Animal

With 6 minutes before the day is officially over, I give you my photo of the day.

fat mum slim asked for “an animal” (though we planned this zoo adventure before I realized this fact.)

Today’s coincidence is brought to you by Seattle’s Woodland Zoo.

So many animals -so many animals I hadn’t even heard of! We saw nearly everything, I think, but because it worked out to be only a dollar for me to get the annual pass to the zoo, I’ll be sure to go back.

This guy was my favorite, he just seemed so human. He moved as if a human were in an orangutan suit, swinging from the branches, building a fort, taking food from the zoo keepers. These animals are so amazing.

Fascinating creatures

Again, I took plenty of photos today, I will post a few more over the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day, March 24th: An Animal

  1. Cool! There was an orangutan like this one at the zoo in Sacramento and he was our favorite. They’re just fascinating to watch. I want to go to the zoo in Seattle next time I visit!

    • This guy was interesting to watch, very human (or possibly Chewie…) looking. Hey, I forgot to tell you, but my annual pass for this zoo will get me in either for free or half priced to the Baltimore Zoo! :D

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