A bridge over (un)troubled waters

As I am still very new to the area, I was out driving today and got a little lost. Luckily I came upon this bridge somewhere in the town of Tukwila. I parked the car and took myself on a little walk, over the bridge, under, and around. It was such a perfect day, I didn’t want to leave! I felt hat if I stayed just a few minutes more, I might see a fresh angle or subject that I had missed before.

The photos speak for themselves!

Such a lovely day

So many pigeons

I liked the pattern of the beams in this one

love my fisheye!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a pigeon!

There's just something about those photo sun spots that I like

Even the pigeons were beautiful today

This last photo is my entry into My3Boybarian’s Sweet Shot Tuesday! Click on this button to see more!
Sweet Shot Day

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9 thoughts on “A bridge over (un)troubled waters

  1. Hey Abra, what fisheye are you shooting with? Was thinking of buying a super wide angle, there’s just so many choices!

    • I use a Rokinon 8mm, you can see it on Amazon.
      I love it. It’s not the type of wide angle you can flatter faces with, but it’s a lot of fun on scenery and such!

      • Ah, the fabled Rokinon. Do you ever worry about scratching it given the lack of filterability? (Did I just make up a word?)

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