March 27th, photo of the day: Golden


Today was my Humane Society day, and though I said I wasn’t going to post the cat photos I take each week, this cat fit my fat mum slim photo prompt perfectly.

Her name is Kat, and she’s crazy. She’s all black, with intense golden eyes.

Crazy Kat.

Her eyes don't really need the Photoshop help to stand out, but here it is anyway.

I was photographing Kat’s bunkmate, Aimee, when I looked over and saw this:

Anyone need an attack cat?

*Post Script: March 30th, 2012. Kat’s profile is no longer on the Seattle Humane Society website, and this means that a home has been found for her!*


10 thoughts on “March 27th, photo of the day: Golden

    • Hey Mike! I know, there have already been several cats that I wanted to just bring home. No worries about this girl getting adopted though, she’s already found a home! I figured it wouldn’t be too long for her, she has a great personality.

  1. oh my goodness….she is amazing! I have a black cat named “Mo” – a rescued feral cat, that has the same eyes…the difference…he has a mustache!

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