To the Zoo with you!

“Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.” -Jack Hanna

Siana, Isaac, and I went to the Woodland Zoo in Seattle in Saturday. It was the first really nice Saturday so far this year, and so we were far from alone in our idea to go to the zoo.
Sorry these aren’t all great photos, it’s hard at the zoo. I wanted to share anyway!

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Our “zoo” experience started even before we got near the gates; first all the four zoo parking lots we drove through were crazy full (so many Canadians! I know we’re close to the border, but it was almost 50-50 Canadian plates to Washington plates. I felt like I was missing something…).
We finally found a spot a few blocks down from the main gate. Then, we stood in line for tickets for a good 15 minutes. Though in the cashiers’ defense, they were moving people through pretty quickly. I’m particularly thankful to the guy who helped us, we were in the wrong line to buy an annual membership (I thought I might come back again later this spring/summer) but he accommodated us by getting the form required for it and selling me one anyway. So, for anyone planning or thinking of planning a visit up this way, I now possess an annual membership which will get two of my friends in for half price! Yay!

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