March 28th, photo of the day: ROYGBIV

Here it is, my Roy G Biv!

I’m trying out some different background colors for my light box. This is black. What do you think?


12 thoughts on “March 28th, photo of the day: ROYGBIV

  1. I like!

    Re paper – that looks more like dark grey than black. It’s hard to find a good black if you’re using regular paper. Not sure if that’s what you are using, but that’s my guess! (I’ve run into that issue, myself).

    Anyway, maybe try polypropylene? If you look at the 5th image with the rolls of different colored papers, the black sheet looks pretty deep.

    • Oh, thank you for the tips! It does look more grey, I’m using poster board found at your local Dollar Tree store. Might not be the highest quality material, haha. Where would I find polypropylene? Craft store?

      • I tried googling it and all I’m finding are plumbing parts and buckets.

        I went back and read the comments in that post, and it seems it’s not common here in USA. Poop on a stick!

        I’ll keep an eye out for other possibilities. Sorry to get your hopes up!

        • (Ahahaha “poop on a stick”! I thought my family were the only people who said this!)

          Thanks for trying, and I will keep my eyes peeled for something better, whether polypropylene or something else.

    • Oh, is it? I’m so new at the light box thing. I’ve only used white up until now. I have a few other colors I’m looking forward to trying; blue, yellow and green.

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