April 2nd, photo of the day: Spring

Oh man, I am falling behind! I have photos to go through and post from our visit last week to Nisqually, and our trip to Portland a couple days ago, and now yesterday and today’s photos too!

I couldn’t do it today, though, we had way too happy weather to be cooped up in a dark apartment on the computer!

After our water heater broke and flooded our closet (oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Well, a couple days ago Isaac walked into the bedroom, where I was at my desk on the computer and said “what’s that sound?” and went to the closet to investigate, where his feet got instantly soaked. The water heater had been leaking from the side for apparently some time. What’s especially awesome about this is that our upstairs neighbor had THEIR water heater break about a month ago. When theirs went, the water somehow dripped down into our light fixture and was dripping onto our floor -ONLY OUT OF THE CEILING LIGHT. It felt like the beginning of a horror movie, haha.)

So anyway, after that happened, and we had to move everything out of the closet to dry the carpet, Isaac was struck with the urge to sell his collection of baseball cards rather than stick them back in the closet. We drove out to a specialty collector’s store to find that the owner was out for the day and that we should come back tomorrow.

So there we were, out and about without plans and I said, “this would be a good opportunity for me to take a few photos of you without your big jacket on, what do you say, Isaac?”

He hesitantly obliged me by driving to a nearby park.

Okay, so not the best sample choice since I just finished saying how I was going to get some less "wintry" photos...

I also found my new favorite tree:

My new desktop photo

I’ve added this second photo to the Wordless Wednesday with Words weekly collection, as well as Wordless Wednesday!

and  then, she {snapped}

I hope to go through today’s photos and post a few more soon!

Also a reminder that the coupon code WORDPRESS will get you free shipping on everything in my Etsy shop.

I will leave you with a riddle:

April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Check back tomorrow for the answer! :)


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