The Barns of Nisqually

I decided my favorite part of the Nisqually refuge deserved their own post.

These barns were so great! They were old, they were very picturesque, they were mostly surrounded by open landscape. I love them. I could have stayed there longer, but Isaac and Siana were not quite as enamored with them as I was. (Siana wanted to get at the boats that were stored inside them, however…)

I stuck these barns in the back of my brain where I keep all the “potential portrait spots” that I’ve found around the Sound.

Barns in color

Barns in B&W - which do you prefer, and why?

Barn side with crazy colored grass (that's my fault, I was playing around with different settings in PS)

Sepia tone

And as if the barns themselves weren't awesome enough, three little girls came skipping down the path toward the barns.

Siana looking through a hole in the barn/what she saw

As we were leaving the refuge, the clouds were starting to roll in

Nothing like a good pair of barns to make my day. :)



2 thoughts on “The Barns of Nisqually

  1. I can see why you were fascinated with these barns. I like the shape of them, we don’t have that here. And I definitely prefer the black & white version, it totally changes the atmosphere – unfortunately I can’t say exactly how… it makes it look more like “art”?

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