April 17th, photo of the day: 100 years

Yesterday, my mom and I drove down to Stayton, Oregon, where my great aunt lives, to meet up with my dad.

My great aunt turned 100 years old yesterday, and they were celebrating with a weekend-long party.

She’s in good health; she gets around on her own (with just the help of a walker), and eats heartily (she ate a big piece of birthday cake!).

The biggest trouble is her hearing, which made for some funny times during our visit yesterday! ;)

Great Aunt Edith

It was good to see her, and other members of the family (I met a few 2nd cousins whom I had never met before!).

Edith's hands

It’s crazy to think of all the things this woman has seen in her lifetime. She was born in 1912, so she’s lived through everything from before the roaring twenties, to Y2K!

She lived through the depression, WWII, the Korean War, she watched the first man step on the moon, the Cold War, the “Swinging Sixties”, the dawn of the hippies, the “Me Decade”, the Vietnam War, disco music, the 80’s (and by then she was already in her late 60’s!), she saw computers shrink from the size of a room to the palm of your hand.  And those are just the surface things! She has four children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren! (does she have great-great-grandchildren? Possibly?…I’ll have to find out)

She's smirking at something..:)

Happy Birthday, Aunt Edith, may you live another 100 years! :)

Sweet Shot Day

Communal Global

and  then, she {snapped}


11 thoughts on “April 17th, photo of the day: 100 years

  1. It feels so good to see people like her. Looking happy and positive about life at this age. I wonder at all the things she must have seen and felt! Happy Birthday to your aunt!

  2. Happy Birthday to Edith… 100 years is really an amazing achievement and she does look very well indeed on it. Amazing to think how the years have changed in her life time. I am sure she must be fasinating to talk with.


  3. Happy birthday to your Great Aunt! WOW! 100 years old is remarkable…I bet she has some amazing stories to share. Love the picture of her hands and her crown! Too cute! :)

  4. My mother-in-law’s name was Edith and she lived to be 96 [her sister did as well]. Amazing what memories they have lived through over the years. A sweet post for a dear relative.

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