April 25th, photo of the day: Woody Woodpecker

I took myself on a walk today.

I’m working on a Top Secret Photo Mission that I will only be able to reveal to you and it’s intended recipient(s) upon it’s successful completion. That being said, I saw a few potentially worthy subjects yesterday after Isaac and I walked over to get Chinese food (he’d had a craving) but it’s not easy taking photos when your hands are full of chow mien and egg flower soup.

As I walked through our apartment complex I heard a loud tapping that had me looking around for a rooftop carpenter or two, until I spotted this poor little misguided fellow hammering away on the side of a building. Well, I HOPE he’s misguided, there’d better not be any food for him in there!

He seemed to have a knothole knocked out, or maybe she/he was building a nest..I'm not sure about that, but I do know he was drilling holes all around the knothole.

I like the pattern of the siding on this one.

I felt like I should have told him he was wasting his time….


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