May 2nd, photo of the day: My Newest Model

For those of you familiar with my blog, you’ll remember the garden planter I designed and built after I found out I had been wait-listed for the local community garden. For those of you who are new -Welcome!- and you can read all about my adventures into carpentry HERE.

The planter has been all set up since I built it in March, full of dirt and ready to go. I’ve just waiting for the weather to warm up! My little starts have been making forays out onto the deck during the day to acclimate, and I finally decided it was time to put their little feet in the ground on Monday.

Since my three-foot by three-foot planter isn’t large enough to warrant a full-sized scarecrow, my mom made a smaller version for me. This fellow is also my newest model for my photography, and he’s a dream to work with! He doesn’t move after I position him, he’s willing to give any pose a try, and he doesn’t talk back. :)

Guardian of the Crops

Keeping the birds at bay

Here is another one she’s made:

My mom is super creative. I keep telling her that she needs to make these guys and sell them. No two would be alike, because she uses unique materials for each one.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these creative creatures to add a little character (literally and figuratively!) to your own garden?

and  then, she {snapped}


7 thoughts on “May 2nd, photo of the day: My Newest Model

  1. How cute, did she do a dreamcatcher too? I thought I remember seeing one but maybe I need more coffee. I would think those would take off they are adorable!

  2. Abra,
    Welcome to Blogathon and blogging! I was out for a walk in my new neighborhood yesterday, trolling for good yard/garden ideas. I was looking for something unique, out of the ordinary, but didn’t see much. Then I come here this morning and see your mom’s creations and I *love* them! I want one! Or many! They’re just great and your photography does them justice. I look forward to reading/viewing more of your posts.

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thank you! I’m looking forward to learning new things by participating in the Blogathon. Thank you also for your kind words, I’ll let you know if I am successful in getting my mom to start selling her creations! :)

  3. I would LOVE to have one of those little guys in my garden! (And I am equally as interested in trying to construct my own little garden person because a) it would be really fun, and b) it sounds like my mom is a lot like your mom, loves to craft things and has lots of little doodads around the house that would be good to for such a little guy.)

    Good luck with your garden! What all are you going to plant in there?

    • Hi Sarah! Awesome! Sounds like you might have access to the necessary materials to create a garden dude of your own making! If you do end up making one, I definitely want to see photos!

      In my garden I’ve planted lettuce, tomatoes, a red pepper, onions, broccoli, carrots, and if I can squeeze them in, a couple dwarf sunflowers for aesthetics. I also have a rhubarb, but he’s in his own pot. In all honesty, it’s probably more than should be in a space as small as my 3×3 planter, but I so wanted a garden. I will do everything in my power to help all my little plants grow. :) In fact, if you have any natural suggestions for nutritional (soil, growth, etc) improvements, I’d love to hear them.

      How is your garden coming along?

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