May 3rd, photo of the day: more xenomorphism

As I mentioned in my last post, the bonsai collection offered loads of xenomorphism. However, I found other such things elsewhere today too.

I LOVE these guys. Not exactly sure what they’re called. Anyone know?


And, how about this thing? Ever seen one before? It’s called a Cherimoya, and is grown in South Asia, South and Central America.

Scaly fruit?

I think we may have gotten a slightly under ripe fruit, but since neither Isaac nor myself had ever seen these before, we couldn’t be sure. It tasted sort of like an apple, though not quite either. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, which I would hope is only due to the fruit’s premature condition. It also reminded me of a Rose Apple, which I ate LOADS of while in Thailand. MMM…those were so tasty.

No, it’s not a dinosaur egg.

In other  news, I’ve decided, that, in honor of the WordCount Blogathon, I’m offering a discount in my Etsy shop. During the month of May, use coupon code “Blogathon” to receive 15% off your entire order! I added several new photos this afternoon!


4 thoughts on “May 3rd, photo of the day: more xenomorphism

  1. Those at the top are ferns, baby ferns that come up every spring! I used to call them “long-trunked thunder elephants” when I was little. haha Oh, and I’ve tried the chirimoya, it’s kind of like papaya in texture. It gets super sweet when the skin turns brown.

    • Thank you! I wanted to call them Sword ferns, but wasn’t 100% sure. And I’m glad to hear that the Cherimoya has a better taste…it tasted fine in a smoothie though! :)

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